Located in Burlington; helping clients across the South Jersey Area


Business Coaching & Services located in Burlington; helping clients across the South Jersey Area

I love doing Lunch and Learn talks, leading into small group and/or individual coaching for several areas of improvement. I customize the topic to the needs of your organization, based on what you think will help your staff and based on what they choose when I offer a survey.

Although similar themes are present in my talks and coaching, I focus on what you want and need the most.

Here are just a few of the topics, so you can see what I'm talking about here:

  • Anxiety, Panic, Stress: How Can I Tell Which is Which, and How Can I Reduce It?
  • I Know A lot About Healthy Choices, Why Can't I Just Do It?
  • I Wish I Could Speak Up for Myself More, What's Stopping Me?
  • Ways to Create or Re-establish Healthy Habits, options: Exercise, Sleep, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
  • I Know I Need to Take Better Care of Myself, But I Have So Much Else To Do
  • We Need Better Communication and Cooperation Skills, How Do We Work on This?

One way that I'm different from some others in this field, I don't focus on "take-aways". I focus on right now. I really don't want to add to the burdens of people who are so stressed, I prefer to give them something that helps them feel better and function better.

I like to be realistic, especially about the rate of change. Often we grow and improve slowly, it's simply the human way. Of course, there are times of dramatic and sudden change, but even there it takes a long time to make the subtle lasting adjustments that lead to meaningful growth.

So I don't offer immediate results. I do offer immediate relief, which usually must occur in order for people to become ready for change and growth.

Lunch and Learns often lead to coaching for small groups or individuals, and/or coaching for executive staff and business owners. It's extremely helpful when staff members make positive changes. When the leaders really get that they create the culture, atmosphere, the air that all staff members breathe, major improvements happen.

If you want better results from your staff, a more congenial atmosphere, better cooperation and communication patterns - all of which lead to fewer errors and more closes - it really depends on you - that's everybody. If you are a leader, your behavior patterns, expectations, communication style - all strongly influence your staff.

Running a business is harder than most people think. It's not such a great job, often, it's not a free ride. It's really tough, stressful, demanding, confusing, even painful. So much depends on you. If you want to explore ways of reducing your stress and being more creative in your leadership skills, let's talk.