Located in Burlington; helping clients across the South Jersey Area


Group Seminars

Dr. Vicki is a very experienced and accomplished public speaker, on a large variety of topics; some of her favorite topics are listed below. However, she can speak on many areas tailored to your audience's wants and needs. She speaks with groups, large and small; size doesn't matter.

Dr. Vicki enjoys engaging with her audiences, giving them a real experience, not a lecture. Smaller groups tend to result in more participation, although larger group members engage as well.

Topic areas that Dr. Vicki frequently is asked to speak about include:

  • "Identifying and Reducing Anxiety" "Stress Reduction"
  • "Improving Communication Skills - At Home or At Work"
  • "Making Myself My Priority"
  • "Overcoming Impediments to Good Health"
  • "Issues at Work are Driving Me Crazy, What Can I Do About It???"
  • "Coping with Snitches and Slackers"
  • "How Can I Improve My Primary Relationship?"

Most recently, she spoke about "Stress Reduction" to a group of paralegal professionals at their annual Educational Symposium at Burlington County College. The audience was wowed, and felt a great deal less stress as a direct result of her talk.

Here's what the Convention Chairperson of the event had to say: "Just wanted to drop you a personal thank you for helping us at the convention. The feedback from your session was wonderful. We had several people ask to have you return next year."

Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Vicki if you'd like her to speak with your group.